FoodAHolic 3D Natural Essence Snail Masks - 10 Pieces

FoodAHolic 3D Snail Masks
FoodAHolic 3D Snail Masks
Item# F3DS01

Product Description


* Made with 3D skin technology for maximum skin absorption.
* 100% Natural Botanical, Herbal, Fruit & Wood Extract Ingredients
* 23g of 100 % Natural Essence Extracts

What is 3D Shape Natural Pulp Face Mask?
Made with 3D skin technology for maximum skin absorption. It is the NEWEST Sheet Mask that adheres totally to the contour of your face. Usually most sheet masks are flat sheet masks, they won' t be able to cover up your full face area if you have a wider face. This mask sheet is round with curves so it can fit your chin, nose and forehead.

Natural Pulp
Non Spandex Lace
Non Polyester

FoodAHolic 3D Masks are specially formulated to penetrate highly concentrated active ingredients into the skin. The result is your tired skin becomes moistened, elastic, and brightened. For optimal results, use 3-4 times per week.

Contains snail secretion filtrate which nourishes the skin and boosts elasticity. The result is tight, luminous, hydrated skin.