Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream 50 ml.

EE Moisturizing Cream<BR>
EE Moisturizing Cream
Item# 43210

Product Description

Beauty reboots the energy inside you. Immerse your skin in moisture with this energizing hydrator to counteract dullness, dryness and the appearance of fine lines. A silky smooth texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. Get visibly smooth, deeply hydrated skin that glows from within.

ReNeura Technology™ reawakens skin’s sensors. Like a reboot to make skin more responsive to your daily skincare regimen.

Jars come in 64 different shapes and are inspired by Japanese Raku ware, a type of pottery traditionally used in Japanese Tea Ceremony.

For all skin types. Non-Comedogenic. Dermatologist-Tested. Paraben-Free. Mineral Oil-Free.

After 3 days:
- 90% said it moisturized their skin
- 85% said skin looked more vibrant

After 4 weeks:
- 95% said it moisturizes
- 94% said skin looked smoother
- 92% said it improved their skin’s dullness
- 90% said it made their skin glow
(Tested by 100 women)